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Have you ever been taken captive by extremely dominant femdom Mistress who likes it hardcore? This is more cruel than famous Abu Ghraib!

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Welcome to extreme femdom blog! Here you will find short yet brutal femdom stories, free cruel femdom pictures and femdom videos all for your submissive pleasure. This site is for true femdom enthusiasts like you, so enjoy!

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Ever Gone Thru Cruel Femdom Punishment With Two Sadistic Ladies?

by hardcore femdom addict on April 5, 2010

Mistress Nadia from extreme femdom club has a stable slave strapped to a femdom bondage bed. His bare ass is elevated high and exposed to both wicked ladies. Domme Taylor smiles, “I am going to cane the hell out of this slut so he never thinks about masturbating again!.”

Then she proceeds to do just that, working on his ass in hardcore femdom fashion you’ve never seen to date. She delivers well over one hundred cane strokes on his ass cheeks, and sometimes is dangerously close to his helpless testicles in his ballsack, which is hanging from behind.

Brutal femdom dominatrix is so pleased to see red and purple welts rise up on the slut’s ass that she gets wet. When the slut begins to snivel, extreme femdom Domme Nadia lays in even harder with her evil looking cane.

When the slut’s ass is purple, Goddess tells him that she will give him a small break but warns him: “We are not finished just yet, bitch. You’ew not forgiven, useless heap of wanking male flesh that you are!”

Several hours later extreme femdom Mistress Nadia returns to the stable bitch. She puts him on his feet, bends him over and fucks his sore ass with biggest strapon she could find in the extreme femdom mansion. She’s so happy to enjoy every moment of this strict and sadistic femdom torture.

cruel femdom cane punishment
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Two Brutal Ballbusting Femdom Dommes Sharing Your Balls!

by hardcore femdom addict on March 24, 2010

Extreme femdom bitches Brianna and Dante have you suspended tightly in the air. Both brutal femdom ladies laugh at your helpless state and punch your stomach with their small fists, giggling every time.

Shortly two extreme femdom furys begin to aim their kicks, going after your bare and totally helpless balls. Dominatrix Brianna holds you in place as cruel femdom Mistress Dante lays solid bare foot kicks again and again, increasing their power.

Imagine what if Domme Brianna suddenly grabs your balls and nearly rips them off your body? You gotta howl and beg for mercy right there! These powerful ladies enjoy a brutal ball busting anyday, so you better beware before you enter their brutal femdom club now!

two brutal femdom cbt dommes
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Extreme Ass Worship Femdom

by hardcore femdom addict on March 13, 2010

Mistress Kitty has an itch between her beautiful ass cheeks. She calls her personal extreme femoom slave. She slaps his slutty face and tells him how he should know all ways to get her off without having her even asking him in the first place!

Sexy Mistress pushes her lovely bare ass firmly into the slut’s red slapped face. Kitty is a very demanding and hardcore femdom Mistress an expects her slaves to do everything possible to satisfy her perverted desires.

She expects her slave to get his tongue really deep into her asshole. In fact, she has trained this sissy slut to eat her ass so well that she can have a massive orgasm while her ass femdom bitch gets drowned in her juices.

extreme ass worship in femdom
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Three Extreme Femdom Slaves Are Competing to Avoid Castration!

by hardcore femdom addict on February 27, 2010

Two insanely brutal femdom Dommes Dante Posh and Brianna decided to prune their stable. After some consideration, they have lined three male bitches up. The least worthless and most useful slave can stay. The other two will go through castration and are going to be sent off to auction as domestic eunuchs.

The extreme femdom addicted ladies place the slaves in a survival of the fittest. All three worthless breathing pieces of male flesh are strung up, one by one to be whipped and caned hardcore femdom style.

Strict ladies become furious when one of the sissies begins to tremble and cries for mercy. How can this useless worm be so ungrateful while given a chance to prove himself? Dante’s answer is to repeatedly nail his balls with her cruel single tail whip.

Brianna canes the slut’s balls as she fully explains him what kind of pussy he is. The extreme femdom punishments and humiliation are savage and contain zero degree of mercy. After being taught a lesson, the trembling slaves are lined up for final inspection.

Dante circles them, clicking her high heel boots on the hardwood floor. She is excited and is getting wet feeling their fear. Then she begins to the kick these worms in their balls until two finally fall over and are unable to move. Dante and Brianna are unspeakably cruel and unforgiving in this very sadistic extreme femdom video. You can’t help but watch it as soon as possible!

cruel femdom punishment trials
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Hardcore Femdom Mistress Wants To Punish Your Cock As You Wank and Watch!

by hardcore femdom addict on February 15, 2010

In this kinky extreme femdom POV Mistress Kendra is amused that you want to wank your willy. Cruel femdom Mistress fully enjoys the control she has over your cock.

Today she wants to see just how badly you want to cum. Hardcore femdom dominatrix supervises as you tie up your balls hard and punish your cock for her. She laughs as you watch and follow her orders as closely as possible.

Your slutty dick needs strict disclipline in cruel femdom before you will be allowed to stroke it. When cruel dominatrix Kendra finally does allow you to jerk off, there are a few very naughty surprises.

Extreme femdom humiliatrix Kendra wants you to prepare a rope and a spatchula before you watch this humiiating clip. After you sign up for a membership at extreme femdom club, you will be allowed to download and follow her orders, and who knows, maybe she’d even allow you to cum if you will be a good boy.

cock punishment femdom mistress kendra
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Insanely Cruel Femdom Degradation – Serving As A Muddy Boot Slave

by hardcore femdom addict on February 4, 2010

Dante and Brianna’s boots get very muddy while walking the grounds of their brutal fem dom estate. Fortunately, the estate now has a designated boot slave purchased off the action. The sole purpose for this slave’s existence is to clean muddy boots for his goddesses.

Today this piece of male slutty flesh will be put to the test for the first time. He is expected to thorougly lick thick mud from the soles and heels of Dante’s and Brianna’s boots. This is the only way to be promoted to the toe and feet licking bitch sometime in the future, so this extreme femdom slave should do his best!

The slut’s eager efforts and mud filled face amuse the ladies as they laugh into his face. They stop to spit on him and smack him in the face to make the process more entertaining. This slave is to be reminded of his role in their extreme femdom slave stable at all times.

Once their boots have been licked clean, both strict ladies lead the slut by a leash to the front door of the main house. They happily shove the boot slave’s face down and order him kiss the ground on their footsteps as he crawls behind. Then the slut is left outside on the porch sitting there like a guard dog until the services of this pathetic worm are needed again.

extreme femdom feet licking in mud
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Extreme Femdom Cumming Game

by hardcore femdom addict on January 23, 2010

Brutal femdom dominatrix has her bitch tied down to the bed in excruciating spread eagle position. She announces they are going to play an evil extreme femdom game. Slave’s balls tremble in fear when he hears the rules set up by his Domme.

If extreme femdom Mistress can make him cum, she is going to whack him in the balls as hard as she can. If the bitch doesn’t want to get his balls punched and smashed, all he has to do is to refrain from cumming at all costa.
Crystal winks and bites her lip. She knows who is going to win this hardcore femdom game. This worthless worm has no chance at beating her!

She strokes the slave’s slutty cock with her soft hands faster and faster. The bitch tries to hold his cum as hard as he can. He wants to preserve his nuts from heavy nailing.

However, the bitch is no match for brutal femdom Mistress Crystal. She eagerly milks the cum right out of him and then…BAM! She knocks his slutty balls out! Then wicked hardcore femdom Mistress grabs the slut’s empty and aching ball sac and laughs. BAM! Mistress just can’t resist punching the whimpering slut a second time.

extreme femdom forced cum
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